HIV Testing 




HIV testing is available free in the following surgeries:

  • Integrated Sexual Health Clinic: 3rd Floor, City of Coventry Health Centre, Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry CV1 4FS (0300 020 0027)
  • Terence Higgins Trust: 10 Manor Road, Coventry CV1 2LH (02476 229292)

Avoidance of testing will not make HIV go away and can make things worse.  The longer you remain untested and untreated, the virus is attacking your body. Taking HIV tests immediately means that treatment can begin quickly and effectively.  Testing positive is no longer a death sentence and, if treatment starts before the virus starts to damage the immune system, you can expect to live as long someone who is HIV negative.

Coventry has the second highest rate of HIV in the West Midlands, often with late diagnosis.

You can be tested by a clinic whenever you consider that you have taken a risk.  HIV treatment and support is free to everyone in England, regardless of immigration status or nationality.

Testing protects those you care about. Thousands of people in the UK could have HIV without knowing about it.  Could you be passing on HIV?