Over the Counter Conditions




Conditions for which over the counter items should not be routinely prescribed in primary care

Example products for conditions that could be restricted

Condition/Item Example products
Probiotics Probiotic sachets
Vitamins and Minerals Vitamin B compound tablets 
Vitamin C effervescent 1g tablets
Multivitamin preparations
Acute Sore Throat Lozenges or throat sprays
Cold Sores Antiviral cold sore cream
Conjunctivitis Antimicrobial eye drops and eye ointment
Coughs and Colds and Nasal Congestion Cough mixtures or linctus
Saline nose drops
Menthol vapour rubs
Cold and flu capsules or sachets
Cradle Cap Emulsifying ointment
Haemorrhoids Haemorrhoid creams, ointments and suppositories
Infant Colic Simethicone suspensions
Lactase drops
Mild Cystitis Sodium bicarbonate or potassium citrate granules
Contact Dermatitis Emollients
Steroid creams
Dandruff Antidandruff shampoos
Antifungal shampoos
Diarrhoea (Adults) Loperamide 2mg capsules
Rehydration sachets
Dry Eyes/Sore (tired) eyes Eye drops for sore tired eyes
Hypromellose 0.3% eye drops
Earwax Drops containing sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil or almond oil
Excessive sweating (mild – moderate hyperhidrosis) Aluminium chloride sprays, roll-ons, solutions
Head Lice Creams or lotions for head lice
Indigestion and Heartburn Antacid tablets or liquids
Ranitidine 150mg Tablets
OTC proton pump inhibitors e.g. omeprazole 10mg capsules
Sodium alginate, calcium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate liquids
Infrequent Constipation Bisacodyl tablets 5mg
Ispaghula Husk granules
Lactulose solution
Infrequent Migraines Migraine tablets
Anti-sickness tablets
Insect bites and stings Steroid creams or creams for itching
Mild Acne Benzoyl peroxide products
Salicylic acid products
Mild Dry Skin Emollient creams, ointments and lotions
Sunburn/Sun Protection After sun cream
Sun creams
Mild to Moderate Hay fever/Seasonal Rhinitis Antihistamine tablets or liquids
Steroid nasal sprays
Sodium cromoglicate eye drops
Minor Burns and Scalds Antiseptic Burns Cream
Cooling burn gel
Minor conditions associated with pain, discomfort, fever (e.g. aches and sprains, headache, period pain, back pain) Paracetamol 500mg tablets
Ibuprofen 400mg tablets
NSAID topical creams or gels
Paracetamol Suspension
Mouth Ulcers Antimicrobial mouthwash
Nappy Rash Nappy rash creams
Prevention of dental caries Fluoride toothpastes
Ringworm/Athletes foot Athlete's Foot Cream
Antifungal creams or sprays
Teething/Mild Toothache Antiseptic pain relieving gel
Clove Oil
Threadworms Mebendazole 100mg tablets
Travel Sickness Travel sickness tablets
Warts and Verrucae Creams, gels, skin paints and medicated plasters containing salicylic acid dimethyl ether propane cold spray