Updated Covid-19 Information




Further to the new guidance regarding the wearing of masks, please note that we still require anyone visiting the practice to wear a mask, use hand sanitiser and observe the 2m rule.

Covid rates in our area are very high and this is for the benefit of the whole practice population; we can only deliver health care services if we have staff to do so. By the very nature of what we do we often have very vulnerable people in the building and it is our duty to protect them as best we can.

A parent applying handgel to a child

As a practice we would like to say a big thank you to our patients for adhering to these requests over the last two years. A very high percentage of patients have complied with no issues whatsoever. We will relax the rules as soon as we are able, but hope that you understand the need to continue in the surgery for now.

Stay safe!

Published: Jan 26, 2022